About Us

Electronic Connections Limited (ECNX) is a privately owned company incorporated in Nigeria on the 29th of September 1999. ECNX commenced operations on the 1st of February 2001 and is currently headquartered at No 25 Race Course Road, Nassarawa G.R.A. located in the Commercial City of Kano in Kano State. 

ECNX is primarily an Internet Service Provider (ISP) as well as an integrated solution provider capable of servicing the technological needs of all range of Enterprises, providing the best designs, products and services.

ECNX is one of the first Internet Service Providers in the North, handling over a
thousand clients (including parastatals, airlines, and universities amongst others), and a leading Technical Company in Nigeria working in the field of Computer Technology providing total IT Solutions. ECNX is also one of the first to provide facilities for colocation services, providing interconnect to banks and carriers. These facilities come with a guaranteed 99.95% power uptime and triple-tier security, including biometrics. We offer full integrated solutions with installation and configuration & after sales maintenance. Our certified staff have the ability to translate your business needs using the latest technologies in the IT field.

ECNX has a vast range of experience gained through deployment of our ISP
Networks, Network Security Solutions, Solar Base Stations, Security and Live Monitoring of IT Systems and a High Level Systems Administration. Our experts are well equipped to fulfil their mission anywhere no matter what the environmental conditions are. We provide a guaranteed 99.5% network uptime by use of robust technology. ECNX effectively gives its best efforts to be in line with customers and exceed customer expectations which makes its employees as well as owner proud.

ECNX has experience in providing renewable (solar) energy system solutions to
customer requirements. These can vary from 1 KVA to 100+ KVA systems, from single phase to three-phase systems. Additionally, ECNX provides a full-spectrum service, handling each stage from deployment, to monitoring, to maintenance of the installed system.

Based in Kano, ECNX delivers high level of customer service to its thousand plus
clients across the country from home to Schools & Universities, hospitals, business organisations, Airlines etc. ECNX provides qualitative and comprehensive solutions to customers’ needs and requirements, with a
strong focus on innovation and cutting-edge thinking. We aim to always be at the forefront of technological adoption. ECNX continuously makes new services available to customers, keeping up with societal trends, while still focusing heavily on quality.



♣    Acts to align own unit's goals with the strategic direction of the business. 

♣    Dedicated and Honest Staff with high initiative.

♣    Good infrastructure

♣    Very high quality of logistics management

♣    Well informed on new developments in the information technology field
♣    Willing to take financial risks to achieve goals



Mr. Jihad Jaafar

MD / CEO  Mr. Jihad Jaafar

Mr. Jihad Jaafar

Jihad Jaafar is a graduate in Cybernetics from the University of Reading United Kingdom. With further professional training he qualified in many technical fields including Network Infrastructure, IT Security, VOIP, TDM, SS7 and Broadband Technologies.  Continually researching new technologies available with a view to using them in the company’s daily progress. 



Marketing Head
Zafrullah Abdulaziz

Marketing Head Zafrullah Abdulaziz

Marketing Head
Zafrullah Abdulaziz

Zafrullah Abdulaziz is a graduate of Accounting with Bayero University Kano, BSc. He also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Management with the same Institution. Over the years, he has attented various Corporate Sales Trainings/Workshops. He has acquired a lot of marketing skills and experience as he worked with Starcomms Plc and Airtel Networks as a marketing/sales Officer. He has also worked as a Reseacher with the reputable ACNielsen. He is highly resourceful and versatile.

Brief History

Electronic Connections Limited was incorporated in Nigeria on the 29th of September 1999 and commenced operations on the 1st of February 2001 with its headquarters situated at No. 25, Race Course Road, Nasarrawa, Kano. With an initial capital investment of Twenty Million Naira, The ECNX Group has transformed into a leading provider of turn key technological solutions that cater to both private and governmental organizations.









Accounts & Personal
Victor Onewo

Accounts & Personal  Victor Onewo

Accounts & Personal 
Victor Onewo

Victor Onewo is a graduate of Accounting with Bayero University Kano. He has worked as an Accountant with Hosquips Nigeria Limited before joinig ECNX Limited. He is very orderly in his reports and quick on the uptake. Very focused and hardworking.