We provide Internet Infrastructure and bandwidth that is both flexible, affordable
and reliable. Our Internet access service comes in different shades and sizes depending
on your needs. We provide dedicated as well as shared bandwidth based on the
customers and services needed. We use best-practice world standard technologies from
multiple carriers to redundant systems to best service the needs of the customers, allowing us to deliver reliable, fast, and efficient service for any and all purposes.

We presently have base stations that cover the entire City of Kano which are all powered by Solar Energy with 24/7 power guaranteed to operate at a calculated 99.5% efficiency rate.

We provide complete solutions and take time to understand the requirements of your business, in order to offer tailored solutions. We also have dedicated IT Professionals that can serve as IT Consultants and be at your disposal whenever needed. They can be an extension of your own company; just like having your own IT department, without the expense of hiring additional Technical Support.

Co-Location / Data Center

We offer Co-Location services using our level-2 class infrastructure with 99.95% guarantee on power uptime. It comes with comprehensive security using biometric access control with a triple door access.

Our infrastructure is fire proofed using an FM200 system and is inherently flood proofed by virtue of being on the second floor. We have 24/7 monitoring and technical support is also provided by our team of expert engineers and technicians. Rigid temperature control is effected, keeping the room at a steady 18 degrees Celsius. There is space to fit up to eighty racks of equipment.

Our organisation has been certified secured by the Nigerian authorities. Fibre links are available to every telecom carrier in Nigeria. Power is uninterrupted as there are two backup generators available at all times, as well as a secondary backup by way of solar power. Further upgrading of the facilities for better fire protection and power redundancy is in the works.

Low Energy Solutions

We offer consultancy and liaising services to customers interested in construction and projects utilising the latest in energy-efficient technologies in their designs. We can aid our customers in determining the best products to use to achieve their aims.

There is such a plethora of technologies to use in reducing one’s carbon footprint and increasing the energy efficiency of projects that it often leaves a person confused and unsure of what to do. We, at ECNX, have a reputation for offering the best advice and support when needed. We guide the customer through the entire process helping him flesh out his design and streamline the thought process.

We have liaised with skilled architects in creating self-cooling housing, as well as super-insulated construction. We have laid out highly efficient and effective solar powering systems for home and office use. Our products can be used in all off-grid and grid-connected systems, for example, Autonomous Buildings, Clinics, Street Lighting and Private Houses. There is so much information to absorb when it comes to setting up a Solar System.

Maintenance of company-installed as well as client-provided solar systems is also a service offered. As part of this maintenance, we perform monitoring of systems to prevent any faults reaching to critical levels and leading to catastrophic failure. Pre-emptive correction results in a drastic increase in the long-term efficiency and longevi ty of the monitored systems. We undertake just-in-time maintenance to reduce downtime as far as possible. We want our clients to know the detailed ins and outs of solar systems, the do's and the don'ts, and just how much power they actually need.

IT Consultancy

We provide a consultancy service for clients that require a variety of tasks to be implemented. A fully integrated infrastructure system is created with a variety of interlinked modules based on the project objectives, inclusive of security solutions, networks systems design and monitoring and remote management systems.

Unauthorised system access is something all organisations will face as par for the course. We utilise a mixture of hardware, software and best practice techniques to reduce the vulnerability of client networks and protect them from hackers, spyware and other malware. Monitoring systems watch traffic to catch any unauthorised traffic.

Voice and data service network installation is also provided as needed. All sizes of networks can be designed. Implemented and serviced as required from small to medium scale networks to enterprise level geographically-separated networks, including citywide and nationwide systems.

Monitoring of systems can be implemented dependent on the policy being applied. Similarly, remote monitoring systems can be installed to enable supervisory control of systems by administrators.

In the course of service provision, we have had the opportunity to liaise and work with a variety of organisations ranging from government agencies to NGOs to private endeavours. we have also developed good business relationships to help us synergise out knowledge and create a stellar end-product.

Part of our services include:

-   Consulting and design of networks

-   Sales and maintenance of hardware and equipment

-   Installation, implementation and configuration of software, and hardware.

-   Service and support

Our network designs can implement any combination of technologies as the case requires, from ordinary LAN and WANs, to secure VPN between disparate geolocations. VoIP networks are also part of our repertoire, as well as implementing and running of data centres.

Of special importance to us is the combining of conventional IT technologies with low energy systems. this can range from simple backup power systems. to full off-grid provision for IT installations of any sort.

We provide training for interested persons in this pioneering field. 

Training facilities & video conferencing

We have a fully equipped hall which can be used for training or conference meetings of up to 40 people comfortably. Our facility comfortably provides a 24/7 internet service, video conferencing facility, projectors and printing service. We also have qualified personnel who give training services and support. We can deliver customised trainings in a variety of arenas as per the requirements of the customer.

Software Development

We have a knowledgeable and skilled team utilising and implementing the latest technologies and techniques in developing software. We create enterprise level solutions for clients on Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms. App development is also an offered service for the Android and iOS mobile platforms. A keen focus on power efficiency is kept throughout the development process.

Our developer teams are also well-versed in the creation of cloud-based applications and service provision. We use industry best-practices in our projects to ensure good design, such as server-side App2 HTML5 techniques. A very high focus on compatibility with legacy systems is kept to ensure backwards-compatibility of our designed systems with those that may already be present.