Internet Services

We Provide quality internet services to our customers with lightening speed

Data (Internet Security)

Our Robust firewall ensures that your data is kept secured on our servers

Cloud hosting

Host your web sites, web application, email and lots more on our servers

IT Consultancy

We provide IT Consultancy in trending state of the art IT Technologies

Stay Connected

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Lightening speed Internet with Limitless Downloads and Uploads

Transmission of signals and data packets from our facilties to clients are seamless and operate at lightening speeds.

Easy and quick installation

With our qualified and experienced personnel, installation and configuration of networks for your personal use and businesses is fully implemented and functional in a timely manner.

Availability and affordability of data plans

Our subscription rates are competitive, affordable and vary based on the plan you subscribe to.

Guaranteed customer support

Our customer service provide solutions and recommendations to your complaints.

Powerful Wireless

Enjoy wireless connectivity at high speed data transmission rates

Connected devices

Have your devices connected with seamless communication across them.

Unlimited entertainment

Easily access online resources for entertainment and pleasure in a snap.

Electronics Connections Limited (ECNX) is primarily an Internet Service Provider (ISP) as well as an Integrated Solution Provider capable of servicing the technological needs of all range of Enterprises, providing the best designs, products and services.

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